"LASCAUX" is a unique restaurant offering premium steaks and fresh seafood.

We dry-age our meat in a temperature controlled, dehumidified environment. No steak finds its way to ‘The Cut’ before this unique treatment, bringing out the full concentration of flavour.


Our specially imported charcoal grill uses a blend of wood from sustainable sources, kept at 375 - 400°C to turn the best meat in the world into a fabulously smoky, flavourful steak.


B&Cs perfected broiling method and seasoning techniques ensure each cut of the beef we serve arrives cooked to perfection.

At "LASCAUX", your last bite is just as good as your first.


The Grill Restaurant "LASCAUX"


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Premium steaks


The food menu is created from the finer elements of unique cuisine and is prepared with high quality, fresh ingredients that deliver the ultimate taste.


Whether you’re looking for dry-aged beef or a fantastic piece of tender corn-fed American beef or specially selected Uruguay Rib-eye – the Butcher & Chef menu never fails to impress.

Business Lunch


Daily Menu

In addition to our delicious steaks and seafood, you can enjoy carefully selected dishes in our Daily Menu.


From our Daily Menu you can enjoy the Hungarian meat soup, delicious dumplings, stroganoff, and burgers. 


We serve the Business Lunch from 11:00-15:00 o'clock each day. Our cook will prepare a soup of the day and several meat choices for the main dish. Come by!

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