The Butchery

& Meat Store

Each aspect of a Butcher & Chef visit is designed to be more than just a trip to the butcher. It’s an experience – one that takes shopping far from the realms of the ordinary.


The store is designed by the best Estonian Design team, who drew inspiration from the classic European butcher shops and the very best of haute couture design.


The interior celebrates the essence and honesty of the B&C store in a number of ways. A glass wall acts as a stage for butchers to display their wares, offering inspiration and theatre as each piece of meat is delicately prepared. Behind them, the store’s original sandstone wall has been preserved and acts a tribute to the location’s storied lineage.


Daily fresh variety


B&C Beef   

For over 5 years B&C Beef has been providing premium beef from the Kurzeme region known for abundant, nutrient-rich pastures. The grass-fed cattle graze on natural clover and rye which provide protein, vitamins, and minerals.

The result – meat that is free of genetic modifications, hormones, antibiotics, and chemical residues.


B&C Pork  

During the last decade, the Estonian meat market has changed considerably. Consumers have started to require quality meat and meat products based on environmental ethics and welfare concerns. Whether the acceptable pig carcass is fat or lean depends more on national predilection. At B&C we work with all types of pork – purebred Estonian Landrace (EL), Estonian Large White (ELW), Finnish Yorkshire (FY) and crossbred Hampshire x ELW (H/ELW), H/EL/ELW. We want to make sure we provide our customers the best possible choices.


B&C Lamb

The quality lamb by B&C is tender with a rich, full flavour. Liepaja is classed as one of the most fertile areas in the Baltics. The ideal pastures and fodder crops grown by the Open Baltic Sea, coupled with premium genetics, result in B&C Lamb having one of the best reputations in the Baltics.


B&C Chicken

We offer our customers both the free-range chicken raised on small family farms committed to the highest ethical standards, and the conventionally produced poultry meat.

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B&C Duck

At B&C the duck is supplied from one of the best quality producers in Europe called Dansk And – distinguished by meat and fat structure that makes it very soft and juicy during cooking. The reason for the high-quality meat is the natural breeding that takes place on the “ducks' grounds” and the availability of large space, good nutrition and fresh bedding every day.

B&C Smokehouse

The B&C Smokehouse selects the best Estonian pork, the freshest herbs and spices, and combines them using family recipes passed down through several generations. The result? Consistently succulent, flavoursome hams, bacon, cold meats, breakfast sausages and salamis.



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Grilled tastes


B&C features free-range chicken or other types of meat cooked on French Rotisserie. We ensure that the birds are hot from the spits so you can enjoy our authentic French country taste.


Rotisserie is a slow cooking method that retains the natural juices of the free-range poultry but eliminates the fatty parts to leave a crispy tasty skin.


We select authentic gourmet products from our store where we offer only high-quality ingredients prepared in a simple & delicious way.



The charcuterie counter displays many of the world’s top quality cured, artisanal meats such as Jamon Iberico de Bellota, Prosciutto and Chorizo (both sliced and uncarved) alongside a specially imported French rotisserie for poultry and game birds.


In addition, we offer a wide and beautiful choice of French and Belgian Pâté. In French and Belgian cuisine, pâté may be baked in a crust as pie or loaf (called pâté en croûte), or baked in a terrine ( pâté en terrine). Traditionally, a forcemeat mixture cooked and served in a terrine is also called a terrine.


The most famous pâté is probably pâté de foie gras, made from the livers of fattened geese. Pâté en croûte is baked with the insertion of "chimneys" on top: small tubes or funnels that allow steam to escape, thus keeping the pastry crust from turning damp or soggy. Baked pâté en croûte usually develops an air bubble under the crust top as the meat mixture shrinks during baking – this is traditionally dealt with by infusing semi-liquid aspic in the hollow space before chilling.

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